Accounting & Operations

Food Essentials
Perfect for Food Distributors


per user/mth

Package Includes:

  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Customer Management
  • Purchasing
  • Vendor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Lot Traceability
  • Shipping
  • Reporting

Also benefit from:

  • Built-in training guides
  • 24/7/365 Support
Food Premium
Perfect for Food Producers


per user/mth

Package Includes:

Everything in Food Essentials, plus additional functionality for manufacturing:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Standard Costing
  • Version Management
  • Production Planning
  • Production Execution
  • Machine Centers

Also benefit from:

  • Built-in training guides
  • 24/7/365 Support

Optional Modules

Harvest provides optional modules for food companies that need it, including EDI, eCommerce, Warehouse Management, and Route Accounting

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Advanced Manufacturing
  • Production Order Batching
  • Multi Location/Line BOM versioning
  • Dynamic Rescheduling
  • Mixer/Divider/Wrap Scheduling
  • Detailed BOM costing
  • Multi Day Production/Distribution
$750 per mth for one plant
DSD Account & Operations
  • Route Stop controls
  • Weekly Standing & Daily Temp Orders
  • Rapid Cash Application for High volume AR
  • Organization Pricing controls
  • Route Settlement
$850 per mth for up to 50 routes
Plus Additional Modules
  • EDI
  • eCommerce
  • Warehouse Management

Harvest pricing includes Software Assurance

We know you work round the clock, we were bakers, so we know the drill. All of Harvest’s pricing includes software assurance at no additional cost.

(Customer care package for Help Desk is recommended and starts at $1,000 per month.)

Choose to 'Do it Your Way'

For our enterprise customers…

That have complex requirements, and a requirement for integration to many different systems across many locations, our experts will provide a T&M or Fixed Price deployment package to meet your exact needs. We will:

  • Analyze business processes & material flow
  • Customize functionality to meet your exacting needs
  • Provide training & support to ensure project success
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Or begin with our Quick Start Packages

Harvest Implementation Packages allow food companies to get a running start. Our implementers are food industry experts. It’s all we have ever done.

  • Accounting Quick Start

    Get up and running with G/L, Payables, Receivables, Financial Reporting.

    Starting from
  • Inventory Quick Start

    Integrate Purchasing, Inventory Tracking, Lot Trace, Location management, and Shipping.

    Starting from
  • Manufacturing Quick Start

    Plan for production, pick raw materials, record finished goods, track costing.

    Starting from
  • Route Management Quick Start

    Setup route deliveries, scheduling, route settlements, and invoicing.

    Starting from

Let’s talk!

We only work with food producers and distributors. Let’s take 20 minutes to see if we are a fit for your business. If so, we can schedule and overview demo and provide a budget estimate.

Okay, here is the fine print

We do our best to keep pricing simple. But as you know pricing can be a little tricky so read the fine print, and let us know if you have specific questions.

  • Pricing is based on US Dollars on an annual subscription basis
  • Per User/Month charges include MS Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Our pricing includes upgrades
  • We also bundle a learning tool into our product to make it easy for users to remember functions.