Direct Store Delivery

Our Direct Store Delivery software is easy to use, works with any device, and can talk to your existing backend host software.

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Built for Perishable Food Companies

Food companies have specific needs from their DSD application. We built Harvest DSD to give you full control of your inventory, and everything you need to manage your customers.

  • Visibility

    Drivers can see what the day brings. Item pick list displays what needs to be on the truck, what quantities are going where, and makes it easy to make any adjustments on the fly. Supervisors see route progress in real-time.

  • Service Customers

    A list of customers to visit, important messages, processing returns, counts, capture sales orders and necessary signatures.

  • Settle Routes

    Invoice centrally or from the device, collect cash on the route, manage returned inventory, and bring inventory back to the home base.

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Modern & Easy to Use

Harvest DSD Mobile app is easy for your drivers to use. The screens are familiar looking, and can be tailored to give the driver clear instruction on what needs to be done.

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Portal provides supervisors a complete picture

Harvest offers a web portal so that supervisors have full visibility on routes in progress, upcoming, and completed. As real-time as the mobile devices are connected to the web.

Integration to any ERP system

While Harvest does offer back office Accounting & Operations software, some of our customers choose to connect to their existing host systems.

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We only work with food producers and distributors. Let’s take 20 minutes to see if we are a fit for your business. If so, we can schedule and overview demo and provide a budget estimate.