How Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics Can Build Your Bakery

August 22, 2019
By Harvest

Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics Can Build Your Bakery. As the owner of a bakery business, you have a lot to balance. On top of creating delicious products for the masses, you also have to worry about all of the intricacies of running a small business. From keeping up with ever-changing food safety laws to understanding business analytics, business ownership can be cumbersome.

At Harvest Food Solutions, we’re here to help and that’s why we offer solutions to support you and your business. That’s one reason why we developed HarvestBI, our Business Intelligence (BI) tool built specifically with your bakery business in mind.

Integrating a data analytics software is crucial if you want to make sure your business is constantly the top choice of the consumer. BI takes what can be incredibly complex big data and converts it into a simple, easy-to-follow data visualizations. A common misconception about BI is it is only useful for the big companies and corporations and that a small business like a bakery would never be able to justify using such a software. We can assure you that our business data software is incredibly useful for any size business, big or small.

Just in case you have any doubts, here are two of the top reasons why data analysis software can help a bakery business thrive.

Customer Insights

Knowing who is buying your product is a crucial part of having a successful business. BI can help with information management. This allows you to keep track of which customers are new, and how many customers he or she is retaining. This is huge for building up customer loyalty. By creating a loyalty program, and requesting customers provide some personal information, BI can use that data to help you create special promotions or sales in specific areas that will maximize his or her profit. Once you are able to zero in on key demographics and business operations, the profits will come rolling in.


Inventory Assistance

Inventory assistance builds off of gaining customer insights using tools such as predictive analytics. HarvestBI allows you to easily track which of a bakery’s products prove to be the most lucrative, and which are being ignored or overlooked. This allows you to focus more on the popular products, and spend less time and effort on the least popular. Not only does this help the business run more efficiently, but it also helps cut down on waste or storage of unused products. Additionally, BI includes data that is constantly updating from all facets of your business. This way you and your team can get real-time sales numbers of all the products available. As customers’ tastes change or trends evolve over time, you can quickly pivot into the next most popular item.

Knowing a customer base is a surefire way of building a successful business. Oftentimes, in the bakery business, the last to survive is the one that adapts the most. But you cannot be expected to handle all of that data on his or her own. There are not enough hours in the day to handle all the day-to-day operations of running a business, keep up with your customers’ needs, and have time to analyze data in order to make the best business decisions for your bakery. That is why we created our Business Intelligence Software.

At Harvest, we want to be able to help your business stay competitive by staying up-to-date on the constant changes of the customers’ needs. Our software can help you target the most profitable demographic for his or her business and also retain customer loyalty. It can also help you run a more efficient business model and have fewer costs by cutting out some items that are not bringing in enough profits.

We want to keep that passion burning in the hearts of bakery owners, like you. Business intelligence simplifies complex data and allows you to focus on what you love most- putting smiles on the faces of a satisfied customer.

Interested in learning more about Harvest Food Solutions and how we can help your bakery business? Give us a call to see a demo of our perishable foods software and how it can make an impact on your business.

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