Dresner Reports Self-Service BI Is Essential To The Food Industry

September 7, 2020
By Harvest

Recently, Dresner Advisory Services published their 2020 Self-Service Business Intelligence Market Study. The 9th annual report includes 37 BI-related technologies, including sales planning, market analytics, data storytelling, and governance. The focus remains on trending topics surrounding Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI) to improve creation and sharing of business insights in a team environment.

businesses consider self-service bi essentialAccording to the 2020 study, 62 percent of businesses consider Self-Service BI to be “critical” or “very important” among their operations, regardless of the size of the organization. The self-service aspect is particularly important, as it facilitates data sharing without intrusive IT intervention. Some of the most popular enterprise collaborative frameworks include Jira, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.

Self-Service BI encompasses a variety of technologies and initiatives considered critical to enterprises today. Data collection and availability is obviously important, particularly when it comes to predicting supply chain performance in this changing economy. Group-based analysis is also a highly-valued technology, allowing for remote teams to function at a higher level of connectivity. Data storytelling helps all interested parties see the bigger picture and make decisions expediently.

While accessibility and integration rank high among organizations overall, Marketing & Sales rate the data storytelling features of Self-Service BI among their highest priorities. Of particular interest was scripting of formerly static data into something more interactive with the addition of live data. Through Marketing & Sales, this technology touches many facets of the food service industry, including buyers and distributors, vendors, and audience segments.

Looking specifically at enterprises with over 10K employees, BI facilitates searching and navigating for content, the ability to share content and commentary with other users, and remote collaboration across multiple locations and platforms. With a high percentage of remote workers in the workforce today, the benefits of Self-Service BI are even more highly-valued. All sizes of organizations are now by necessity looking at how they can improve their collaboration across teams. In doing so, many are discovering the value of popular enterprise frameworks. The report shows Microsoft Teams in particular gaining an edge over Microsoft SharePoint, Jira, and others.

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