Improving Food Manufacturing Efficiencies With Innovative Delivery Solutions

August 28, 2018
By Harvest

Direct Store DeliveryThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates $417 billion worth of domestic food products and an additional $49 billion worth of imported foods. The food manufacturing and delivery sector has always been competitive, and companies around the globe are searching for ways to improve their efficiencies and increase their revenue streams, including the implementation of direct store delivery (DSD) software.

Perhaps one of the most successful and recognizable brands over the last few decades has been PepsiCo, Inc. Though millions of people have enjoyed both Pepsi’s products and their advertising strategies over the last few years, they have still had to adjust with the changing times in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Taking a deep look into their delivery options and accepting some of the technological innovations that have come about has given Pepsi an advantage, causing other food and beverage manufacturers to look at their own delivery strategies.

According to Food Business News, PepsiCo has developed a separate business group called Hive. The Hive team is tasked with taking the company’s newer products that have struggled to be effectively and efficiently delivered through its current direct store delivery (DSD) system and finding new ways to scale those products without sacrificing shelf space for other items.

“We will nurture it and incubate it in whatever distribution system they think is the best for it,” said Indra K. Nooyi, CEO and chairman of PepsiCo. “And when it reaches a certain size, we can decide whether it should come into the DSD system or not.”

Other major players within the food manufacturing and delivery sector are looking for newer ways to add scale to their smaller products, including Tyson Foods, Inc., Nestle S.A., and Campbell Soup Co.

Thankfully, direct store delivery software is available for both large-scale and smaller food manufacturing organizations to utilize in order to improve efficiencies across companies. DSD software can not only expedite the delivery process, allowing new products to be shelved right away, but it can also enable companies to track each and every delivery across the country.

Taking a look and improving a company’s delivery options is one of the most important aspects of succeeding in the high-paced 2018 food market. If you want to learn more about how some of these innovative delivery options can help your perishable food business, give Harvest Food Solutions a call today.

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