Utilizing Food ERP Software? Here Are 3 Important Questions to Ask

September 20, 2018
By Harvest

Food ERP SoftwareIn the United States, the fresh food market reached approximately 75 million metric tons of volume throughout 2017. For 2018, the number is expected to reach 76 million metric tons. For companies across the country — especially within the food manufacturing sector — focusing on Enterprise Resource Planning is an essential aspect of organizational success.

When looking to implement innovative food ERP software for your business, there are some essential things to you have to ask yourself. Here are some important questions you should ask pertaining to your company’s Enterprise Resource Planning:

What are the benefits of using ERP software?

Because ERP software is so versatile, there are plenty of benefits that can help your organization. First, you’ll be able to check out real-time information on everything, from the availability of resources to progress on orders and manufacturing processes. Next is interconnectivity: ERP systems can connect all that essential data and share it with third parties, like contractors and consumers. Finally, ERP software can help ensure security. ERP software comes with excellent protection, including firewalls, virus scanners, spam control, and backup systems.

Can the software work on mobile devices?

If you’re not using an ERP software that is mobile compatible, you will likely struggle to achieve maximum efficiency across your organization. There are certain software providers out there that have specifically designed mobile apps to be used for internal business purposes. With this ability, you’ll be able to check your ERP system from anywhere. Additionally, you can receive push alerts, view data in real-time, and handle virtually every aspect of your business.

How many users can the ERP software support?

It’s important to know not only the exact number of users that can effectively use your software but how you can adjust the number of users as necessary. Make sure whatever ERP system you’re implementing can handle mid-sized manufacturers and distributors. Also, since your business is likely always changing, it’s important to utilize an ERP system that is highly flexible and customizable.

If you want to learn more about Enterprise Resource Planning, or how food ERP software and food traceability software can improve your perishable foods business, give Harvest Food Solutions a call today.

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