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Harvest works extensively with Honeywell to integrate software and mobile scanners to improve productivity, visibility, and traceability in your warehouse.

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Optimize the Process of Materials flowing through your warehouse

  • Real Time Inventory Management

    • Monitor Raw & In Process Material Usage
    • Track inventory movement
    • Optimize Storage space

  • Traceability and Lot tracking

    • Food safety
    • Accurate Scanning of lots for picking
    • Automated First Expired First Out Picking

  • Real-time Insights

    • Consumption of Raw & Work in Process Material
    • Picking performance

Honeywell Solutions Guide

Solutions Designed for the evolving distribution center

Honeywell’s passion for productivity improvements drives our deep knowledge of product distribution, and ensures that we’re focused on the issues that make a real difference to your business: Leveraging modern technologies in new ways to achieve operational efficiency and productivity, while also driving down labor costs.

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See Harvest in Action

Click to view a simple demonstration of real time inventory control on the production floor using Honeywell Scanners and the Harvest WMS Platform. (This video is hosted on YouTube.)

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