3 Tips For Handling and Storing Perishable Foods

May 24, 2018
By Harvest

In order to successfully run a perishable foods manufacturing operation and get the most out of your food traceability software, it’s imperative that you understand the ins and outs of the food industry as a whole and how to properly handle perishable food.

If you’re in charge of running a perishable foods operation, it’s important that you’re aware of how to store these types of food products so you can pass that knowledge down to consumers. Hopefully, these tips will help your perishable goods company be much more successful throughout this quarter, this year, and beyond:

Refrigerate or freeze immediately

You can’t let any perishable food product sit out in the heat for any extended period of time; you need to properly store them as soon as possible.

Pay attention to storage directions

Not every perishable food product has the same storage needs. Since certain perishable products need to be kept in colder spaces, you’re going to have to throw out any food item if it wasn’t properly refrigerated or frozen right from the beginning. Any kind of spoiled food can lead to some serious health concerns.

Keep all foods covered

Just because you’re storing these food products in the fridge or freezer doesn’t mean you don’t have to cover them. You should still keep all food products in covered containers or tightly sealed storage bags. Additionally, in order to be safe, you should check each food product daily for spoilage.

If you want to learn more about improving your perishable foods operation with direct store delivery software, give Harvest Food Solutions a call today.

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