3 Tips For Improving Food Manufacturing Efficiencies

August 31, 2018
By Harvest

Food ERP Software

When it comes to running a successful food manufacturing organization, there are two main aspects that you need to focus on in order to ensure your success: efficiency and safety. Safety should be atop your priority list, and that includes keeping your employees and food products safe in their own rights. Each year getting food to U.S. tables requires: 80% of our freshwater, 10% of our available energy, and 50% of our land.

As far as efficiency goes, there are plenty of practical tips for improving organizational efficiency and maintaining a successful food manufacturing business. Achieving and maintaining a more efficient organization starts with modernization. In the past, food manufactures, delivery drivers, and all the other employees on staff had to work harder and faster in order to maximize efficiency. Today, organizations simply need to work smarter.

Here are some tips for streamlining and modernizing your food manufacturing business:

Keep all of your equipment clean and running properly

If your machines aren’t working properly, it’s going to be nearly impossible to operate at an efficient level. It sounds obvious enough, but plenty of food manufacturing organizations aren’t focusing enough time and energy on keeping their machines clean and well maintained. The easiest way to prevent costly equipment breakdown, as well as subsequent problems, is consistently cleaning and regularly maintaining your machines.

Utilize food ERP software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) involves managing all of the resources and information pertaining to your organization’s operations. By using an innovative computer system and food ERP software, you’ll not only be able to track every facet of your business, you’ll also be able to identify and improve problematic areas in real time.

Emphasize proper employee training and on-boarding

If your staff isn’t prepared for a busy week, month, or year, clearly your organization is going to struggle when it comes to efficiency. Make sure you’re training each and every employee as soon as they join your team so they are prepared to work hard, work fast, and work smart. Be sure to spend some additional time refreshing current employees on any software or modernization implementation as well.

If you are ready to improve and modernize your food manufacturing business and want to learn more about how food ERP software and DSD software (direct store delivery), contact Harvest Food Solutions right away.

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