4 Steps to Warehouse Organization

August 20, 2018
By Harvest

Warehouse Organization

In the perishable food business, warehouse organization is critical for production. Missing deliveries, inventory holds, or inventory shrink, will stop production and negatively impacts your ability to get your product to market.


As a new business, you saw an opportunity to bring your product to market. You arranged for the production equipment to arrive, you set up contracts with your suppliers and now your product is in full production. Just one thing is wrong…..

Your warehouse is disorganized, you are out of space, and your ingredient rotation is poor. While this seems like it will sort it self out once you get over the initial hurdle, if you don’t get in front of this now you could see problems with your suppliers, inventory shrink and production stoppages. Too many companies have been down this path and waited until it was too late, only to realize that they fell victim to poor warehouse management.

Harvest Food Solutions understands the complexity of perishable foods. Our team has spent years in operations, running companies. Read Harvest Food Warehouse Tips to see what your first steps should be and how you can start the process to getting your warehouse operating as efficiently as your production.


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