4 Ways to Drive Productivity in Your Perishable Foods Business

April 4, 2019
By Marc Digiorgio

Perishable Foods

The perishable foods industry is ultra-competitive. As a business owner, you must find ways of staying ahead of the game and not allowing your competition to get a leg up. Our applications are to help you and your company, whether it is a small business or large-scale operation, to operate more efficiently. To work toward that, Harvest Food Solutions offers four ways to increase productivity, resulting in more sales and better overall performance in your Perishable Foods Business.

Harvest Exchange

We know one of the more cumbersome and time-consuming aspects of the food industry, specifically for perishable items and frozen foods is getting all of your data into one place. That’s where Harvest Exchange (HeX) comes in! We believe this is the key to transforming your perishable foods business quickly and economically. This is why we created this program. HeX moves your data, migrates your legacy systems, extracts business intelligence information, and interconnects all of these systems together for you. HeX plays a key role in transitioning you to one of our powerful solutions: HarvestDSD, HarvestERP, and HarvestBI. And, with HeX in place, we can help run redundant systems to enable a smoother transition to your new technology.

Cloud Infrastructure and the perishable foods business

One of the issues of being in the ultra-competitive perishable food industry is that work never stops. Your business is a 24/7 operation which is where our cloud infrastructure comes into play. We designed this specifically for businesses, like yours, needing 24/7 operations.

Harvest solutions are delivered through our Top Tier, hybrid cloud infrastructure. It ensures the highest uptimes and constant availability for our clients that deploy it. We insist on using proven, mainstream platforms, vendors, and technologies. We can greatly reduce your up-front investment, and ongoing security costs, by managing all of your Harvest Food Solutions software in the Cloud. You can rest assured that there are no servers to deploy on your end and that your data will be protected to the absolute highest level. We know that sometimes technology can become complex for our clients. We want to do everything we can to remove these technology complexities and empower you to focus on nothing more than what is important to grow your business.

Food Safety and the perishable foods business

Food production and food safety are tough to manage with ongoing changes to rules and regulations. With Harvest Food Safety, we provide standard practices to lead the way to predictable and repeatable results. We are well aware of the complexities of compliance requests and our experts are in constant work to make sure you do not fall behind. We provide the route that you need to take to help your perishable food items move to the SQF-BRC level that you require.

Creative Services

We can help your business build a brand identity and lasting customer impressions that represent your products, services, and company. Branding is vital to a business’s health and your brand identity is the cornerstone of your business. Every single communication you have, whether visual or written, represents your identity. Our creative team can help identify marks, manifestos, and standards to anchor your brand and ultimately your business. Once those elements are put into place, our creative team can help you launch or rebrand into the marketplace. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the results!

Once your brand is established then move to the next aspects of your branding which includes the following:

  • Packaging–As wild as it seems, your packaging needs to exceed the product. This is the first contact a consumer has with your product and – in business and in life – first impressions are paramount. We’ll make sure your product stands out.
  • Web Services–In today’s day and age, a digital presence can make or break a business. Having a strong presence online is more critical than ever and we can help with that. We know digital platforms inside and out and can help improve or introduce your business’ digital footprint.
  • FDA Package Compliance–We hired our team because of their real-world experience building packaging that not only gives a good impression but also complies with FDA regulations. We save you time and money by ensuring you do not have to reprint your packaging because of an overlooked FDA rule.

The amount of time and effort you have to put into running your perishable foods business is extraordinary. Are you ready to drive productivity in your business? Then give us a call today to find out how we can help your business.

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