5 New Innovations in Direct Store Delivery

May 9, 2019
By Harvest

The top-performing perishable foods businesses in our industry utilize direct store delivery (DSD) technology to conduct business. However, is standard DSD technology really the innovative solution that a modern perishable foods business needs to excel? Likely not. That’s where Harvest Food Solutions comes in. From simple to complex food inventory management, we offer a DSD solution that is flexible and scalable. Here are five ways that our innovative technology will bring your business from expected to highly competitive.

  1. Eliminate stock-outs and reduce waste with better customer insights

    HarvestDSD brings a new level of inventory management to any DSD business. Our technology is innovative, modern, and capable of managing everything from day-to-day loads to complex multi-day and multi-location loads.

    Additionally, modern DSD technology provides directed picking of inventories at the pace of YOUR business. This type of functionality allows you to customize your distribution model. The results are efficiency in your supply chain and a better understanding of the products consumers want and need.

  2. Optimize route efficiency by empowering everyone along the supply chain

    Delivery drivers are essentially an extension of the in-store brand presence. So why not empower these team members with DSD technology? By taking into account the important role of delivery drivers and recognizing that DSD is an imperative part of the consumer demand chain, you can leverage retail store purchasing. This can be a powerful asset to gain a competitive advantage.

    HarvestDSD harnesses the mobility of handheld devices by placing the power of technology in the hands of those working along routes. Using devices like tablets, smartphones, and high-speed mobile networks, HarvestDSD brings game-changing, cost-effective tools directly to the route. Sales trend upwards when the technology you use is optimized for route sales and merchandising.

  3. Leverage customer-specific trends in the grocery industry to increase sales of consumer products

    DSD plays a major role in in-store execution and provides the ideal opportunity to increase point-of-sale opportunities and drive and sustain growth. The DSD model also forms the foundation for collaborative relationships between the supplier and the retailer. In addition, for both the shopper and the retailer, the power of DSD ensures better in-stock positions and more effective merchandising during the launch of a new product line. DSD plays a major role in bringing new products to market. From food and beverages to personal care and seasonal products, by working together to distribute products, companies will drive volume and traffic at the store. This, in turn, increases sales.

  4. Gain a competitive edge – for you and the retailer – with better in-store merchandising

    Whether you’re working with a convenience store or small retailer, all the way to high-volume grocers, HarvestDSD offers innovative options for your DSD. To start, HarvestDSD integrates with most ERP applications, but when connected with HarvestERP, you’ll benefit from the most enhanced functionality available. Enhancements include order control, drop-ship, and guaranteed to order. These unique route control opportunities bring order control.

  5. Reduce labor costs

    It is harder now than ever to find and train motivated employees to properly and effectively execute in-store merchandising. DSD helps in that it reduces labor costs through a centralized distribution portal. Our food distribution software options are designed to maximize the productivity of your teams in the field by providing intelligent workflow options at the shelf. You can view your entire DSD operation from a single console that reports activity, reconciliation, and operational details saving thousands of hours in labor costs. This frees up staff to focus more on customer service and driving volume at the point of consumption.

The amount of time and effort you have to put into running your perishable foods business is extraordinary. Are you ready to drive productivity in your direct store delivery? Then give us a call today to find out how we can help your business.

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