5 Signs you need to upgrade to Advanced HarvestBI

April 20, 2018
By Harvest

Excel delivers your most critical information

Man using ExcelUsing Excel is something you don’t give a second thought about. It is easy and functional and using it to present and analyze data is in your wheel house. You build models on a whim, which your team understands and embraces. As a food manufacturer, you know the critical nature of making sure your presentations are flawless, whether for financial presentations or a food safety audit.

You, however, are finding that your files are more complex with linkage that breaks. Your precious time is now spent tracking down data errors in numerous files. Worse, your presentations are no longer effective because your team finds flaws with the data. You are compromising your presentation because your data is built on the shifting sands of your open application.

HarvestBI enables you to seamlessly interact with your applications, giving you the ability to see your data and provide you the peace of mind that your presentation integrity is secure. Don’t worry about the presentation because users have the flexibility to choose their visualization; dashboards, excel, etc…

Your single source of data is found in countless files

Finding DataYou know, the meeting where each department presents different results using the “same data”. Those meetings where you spend more time double checking your links, than building strategy?

Business Intelligence in the Food Industry is critical in todays world of growing regulations and shrinking margins. Your data drives your decisions, actions and profitability. Your brands exposure is too precious to risk.

HarvestBI ensures that the transactional data most important to you, is managed together. Whether originally from your legacy ERP, excel or mobile applications, HarvestBI ties each of these data sources together, resulting in integrated, confident, and presentable data.

Make strategy your focus today.

Mobility has moved from the backseat to the front seat

MobilityMobility has become essential in doing business with today’s perishable food companies. Whether its being in front of a customer with live results, or its reviewing production metrics on the manufacturing line, you are always on the move.

HarvestBI, with its offline and cellular enhanced capabilities, help you stay ahead by ensuring you have data available at the right times. You no longer need to “print the deck” or find a connection. Today, you can bring clarity to your presentation, immediately.

In addition to, your device of choice is no longer a barrier. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or cell phone, the medium for presentation can make your results standout in any situation.

IT is your data source

IT is your data sourceTo: support@yourcompany.com

Subject: Please update sales files, I have a meeting today and need presentation data.

How many times have you sent this email? Do you have this email on auto send? Have you asked your self, in this day and age, why do I need to send an email or even ask for updated data? I should just be able to access it, right?

For data to be actionable, end users should be able to access the latest data with the most current configuration. Imagine a sales person that needs to know category metrics from this morning, or a production manager with real-time through put of production…Or both working together simultaneously to take care of the customer.

Imagine being able to do this with out having to send that email….

Graphs are great, but…

GraphsEach department requires different data presentation formats, in fact each person looks at data a different way. While many folks like a dashboard-style representation, analysts, operation staff and sales managers need to answer questions, not available on dashboards. Traditional consumers of data, typically review data, but don’t explore data.

With HarvestBI, you offer your team the flexibility to look at results in their preferred format, without jeopardizing the integrity of the data. HarvestBI offers the flexibility of data discovery through the drag and drop interactive interface. Starting with pre-designed, interactive dashboards, with advanced filtering capabilities, assist your teams with understanding the key metrics of your business.

Bring clarity to your business in new ways.

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