Is your Accounting Software holding you back?

It’s time to move to an upgraded accounting system that includes inventory, warehouse and shipping, to analyze your business. Harvest Food Solutions allows you to grow at your pace – all while giving you the tools you need.

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It’s time to accelerate your growth

Top reasons to make the switch from your current accounting software:

Growth Potential & Scalability

  • Easy & quick to convert existing information into Business Central
  • Accommodate different growth rates, including large/fast expansion
  • No restrictions on number or records, employees, transactions, inventory management data (the list goes on!)

Advanced Reporting

  • Access to many different reports
  • Create ad hoc reports to further analyze data
  • Integration with PowerBI to incorporate external data into interactive reports


Accounting & Operations Functionality

  • Business Central is an integrated financial management system
  • Get a comprehensive view of your business by connecting data from all departments (including accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory)

Harness the power of Microsoft and all that comes with it

Harvest Food Solutions is backed by Microsoft's robust technology, incorporating industry-leading tools like PowerBI and user-friendly applications, ensuring cutting-edge reliability and performance.

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Business Central Entry Level Accounting Platforms*(*such as QuickBooks)

Scalability and Growth

Scalable to suit the increasing complexity and transactional volumes to adapt as your business grows

Advanced Restricted


Track perpetual inventory in multiple ways within the product to give you a real-time view

Advanced Limited/None


Compliance and audit controls are essential to preventing fraud and loss for your business

Advanced Basic

Advanced Reporting

Access a wide variety of reports to help track and analyze your performance

Advanced Limited/None

Recall/Lot Tracking

Track ingredient lots throughout the entire product life cycle for thorough tracking in case of recall

Advanced Limited/None

Manufacturing Recipe Management

Accurate recipe management and production planning are essential for consistent product quality and meeting customer demand

Advanced Limited/None

Sales Forecasting

Use data to forecast future sales which will also aid in production planning and ingredient procurement

Advanced Limited/None

Configured for Food Industry

Tools and reports tailored for the food industry to plan for optimal execution

Advanced Limited/None

Pricing for Quick Start Implementation

Financial Management
  • Bank Accounts & Reconciliation
  • Chart of Accounts
  • G/L Journals
  • G/L Opening Balances
  • Payment Reconciliations


one time fee
Inventory & Warehouse
  • Items
  • Item Opening Balances
  • Item Costing (Standard, FIFO, Average)
  • Item Categories
  • Item Tax


one time fee
Something Else vs Manufacturing ?
  • Production Order Processing
  • Production Bills of Material
  • Firm Planned & Released Production Orders
  • Output & Consumption Journals
  • Flushing Methods


one time fee

Multiple Companies? Need more simplified lot tracking to get your started?

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Okay, here is the fine print

We do our best to keep pricing simple. But as you know pricing can be a little tricky so read the fine print, and let us know if you have specific questions.

  • User licenses starting at $70/month
  • Software Assurance: $0/month
  • Customer Care starting at $250/month

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