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Baked Goods Industry

Maximize the efficiency and profitability of your business. Let Harvest help you rise to the occasion.

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We have dough in our roots, know the ins and outs of the baking industry and have built the features you need:

  • Dynamic Batch Scheduling

    Lower production costs with longer runtimes, less manufacturing waste, fewer changeovers and better allergen control.

  • Visibility and accountability in complex sales channels

    Gain flexibility in your sales channels for both short and long shelf-life products while reducing raw material costs and minimizing excess finished goods inventory to increase your competitiveness.

  • Real Time Inventory Management

    Reduce excess inventory and free up cash flow, minimize food waste, optimize warehouse management and more accurate cost controls.

Why choose Harvest?

Harvest’s founders grew up in the bakery business, and built Harvest specifically for the unique challenges faced by food and beverage companies. Learn more

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$100 per user/mth
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Backed by the Best Technology

Your investment with Harvest is really an investment in industry leading companies like Microsoft and Honeywell. The software you will use only gets better, and will always be up to date.

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We only work with food producers and distributors. Let’s take 20 minutes to see if we are a fit for your business. If so, we can schedule and overview demo and provide a budget estimate.