Benefits of Wireless DEX

March 16, 2021
By Harvest

Using DEX/UCS (DEX) communications at the time of delivery can be helpful or required in servicing stops for retailers that use it. Advantages for consumer goods suppliers that use DEX can include:

  • Speed up and increase the accuracy of the receiving process
  • Reduce delivery disputes
  • Meet retailer delivery requirements or preferencesBenefits of Wireless DEX

DEX/UCS is a standard currently managed by GS1 US that has been in place since the 1980s and is based upon the communication technologies that were in use at that time. The large physical plug that is required of consumer goods suppliers to make the communication connection for DEX has not changed since the standard was created and does not look to change in the foreseeable future. Primary hardware failure points for DEX cables and adapters are typically related to the strain from their physical connection with DSD sales reps’ handhelds.

Wireless DEX adapters have become available and offer benefits over adapters that are physically connected to DSD handhelds:

  • Reduce a primary failure point
  • Can be used with handheld/mobile computers that are not “DEX capable”
  • Are independent of specific handhelds/mobile computers – can be used with multiple devices
  • Typically use standard Bluetooth communications for connectivity
  • Can be simple to charge or require no charging

Harvest Food Solutions can provide guidance on wireless DEX options and can supply wireless DEX adapters and assist with their implementation. Harvest has the extensive perishable food industry experience and can also assist with other DSD and DEX-related areas for improvement.

For more information contact Harvest Food Solutions.

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