Benefits of Transitioning Your Perishable Foods Business to Food ERP Software

January 31, 2019
By Harvest

You have just taken the lead of a perishable foods business. It has been your goal for quite some time now to take over this business and return it to the glory that it once had. Knowing how competitive the perishable foods field can be, you know you need to completely overhaul many aspects of the business. It scares you a little bit, but you’re ready to transition the company to new technology in order to build a solid foundation for the future.

When Harvest Food Solutions was created, we wanted to use real-world knowledge and experiences to shape our solutions. We understand your business challenges because we’re veterans of the perishable foods industry. That’s what sets us apart from our competitors. While other software vendors use your valuable time to try and better understand your business, we can come in and hit the ground running. Our intimate knowledge of your perishable foods business allows us to focus on what you want your outcomes to be. So, when a new business owner comes to us and needs an overhaul on his or her business, we know just what he or she needs. We introduce him or her to HarvestERP.

HarvestERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an advanced Cloud-based solution built to handle the business needs of a food and beverage manufacturer. HarvestERP is a specialized version of the powerful Microsoft Dynamics NAV tailored specifically for your perishable foods company. We made sure that it was built by the best in the industry and, over years of testing, we know that it is superior for you company. It all sounds great, but what exactly does it do? Well, we will start with how it helps your finances. Our ERP software handles the most critical business applications and fills a need in the market for a comprehensive, scalable ERP solution. No more spreadsheets, clunky accounting systems, or paper ledgers. HarvestERP meets the needs of small to medium sized businesses all the way to the most complex manufacturing and distribution companies.


HarvestERP has a dynamic financial management feature that gives teams the tools and visibility needed to provide fast and accurate performance. It allows you to bring more clarity to your financial performance while also reducing your closing time. Here are the features that assist with the finances:

  • Costing: Enhanced costing routines allow you to quickly and easily identify your product component costs.
  • Receivables: Improve cash forecasting and reduce transactional processing costs.
  • Purchasing: Powerful tools designed to track and recommend purchasing strategy. You can manage price, ordering guidelines, delivery requirements, and allergen controls in one spot.
  • Cash Flow: By automating systems and consolidating data, you can get cash faster to support expenses and other business decisions.
  • Reporting: Advanced reporting capabilities allow you to design reports to meet business needs.
  • EDI Integration (electronic data interchange): Send and receive electronic invoices, credit memos, sales orders and shipping notifications using the document exchange service.


HarvestERP also helps take care of the sales aspect of your business. We provide multi-level customer structures for ordering, pricing, commissioning and invoicing for fast-moving marketplace requirements. It allows you to manage the sales life cycle of your business, whether it’s focused around granular order rules, campaign management, or complicated pricing strategies. It accomplishes this in the following ways:

  • Customer: Quickly classifies your customers into manageable groupings.
  • Commissions: Tracks sales and calculates commissions.
  • Pricing: Quickly organizes your complex pricing strategies.
  • Order Entry: Heads-down rapid order entry for high volume customer service teams.
  • Order Control: Robust order controls to manage lead day, cut-off times and holiday orders.
  • Sales Campaign: Organizes campaigns based on your company’s needs.


perishable foods businessOne of the more important things that HarvestERP does for you is help in the food production part of your business. We provide assistance in managing your Formulations.  This sets us apart from our competitors. Typically, a company has a CEO to manage extensive Formulations. Different variables like program timing, complexity, design changes, communication, and process flow create challenging problems. However, HarvestERP has enhanced the management process to ensure an efficient and high volume flow. We made sure that we expanded the HarvestERP on key characteristics that you require to manage your business. Enhanced categories, enhanced units of measure, and on the fly composition calculations are just a few of the features available. It also provides quick entry production journals, production scheduling, and advanced reporting. This allows you to focus on gathering inventory for sales. (Speaking of inventory management, we help with as well.)


The perishable food industry is fast-paced, and mistakes are bound to happen. This is why we incorporate a specialized approach to the Warehouse operation where every section and inventory type receives a common-sense designation, enabling operators to quickly learn and use the process. With HarvestERP, we make your inventory accurate and reliable. This also allows for mistakes to be quickly and easily fixed. Our warehouse feature helps increase visibility while controlling costs.


Once the products in the warehouse are ready for shipping, HarvestERP then plays an integral role in getting your products to market. The software can track and trace the key points throughout the often complicated delivery process by knowing how and when your product leaves the manufacturing dock. Accessible from a browser, our point and click shipping app allows users to manage in real time and direct shipments to multiple locations, easily managing the adds and cuts needed for the operation. The HarvestERP shipping component is always synced, which increases communication between locations, and ensures that each location knows what it is expect.


Finally, HarvestERP offers seamless integration between your software and your mobile platform. In addition, our HarvestDSD (direct store delivery) software brings enhanced functionality when connected with HarvestERP. This allows you to focus on your business and customer relationship management, while we assist with all the behind-the-scenes work. We give total customer and route control and better processes for ordering and invoicing. Once the whole system is integrated into your business, the efficiency and production of your company will flourish.

We all know how crazy and unpredictable a perishable food business can be. We’ve all worked in them and know how they operate. That is why we have made it our goal to give you the tools to run the best perishable foods business that you can. The implementation of our HarvestERP software can, when done right, revitalize a business by streamlining and synchronizing its separate departments into one, unified, precise and easily handled software system. Let us help you make it successful. Give Harvest Food Solutions a call today to find out how our systems can help your business.

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