How a Direct Store Delivery System Can Benefit Your Employees

October 31, 2018
By Marc Digiorgio

If you’re in the perishable foods manufacturing industry, you probably already know that efficiency is of the utmost importance when delivering products that have expiration dates. You might also already know that new technologies, like a direct store delivery system, can expedite your workflow. Naturally, greater efficiency is better for you and your company. But, did you know that using these technologies can help your employees as well?

Read on to learn about three employee benefits of direct store delivery systems. Your drivers and workers will thank you.

More Direct Lines of Communication

A direct store delivery system means that rather than hauling your product to a warehouse to be redistributed, your drivers will be routed directly to the retailer location. While using DSD software, they can stock the exact amount of each product the store needs upon arrival. This also means that store managers have the opportunity to speak directly with your driver about changes in sales or other anticipated needs. Rather than going through a third party, your driver can enter updated product inventory details into the DSD software, informing your manufacturers of new demands immediately. DSD solutions take the guesswork out of your drivers’ and your manufacturers’ daily tasks.

Fewer Mistakes and Shortages

Another benefit of a direct store delivery system is fewer mistakes, and thus, fewer headaches. Direct lines of communication mean that your managers and representatives will no longer have to deal with frustrated phone calls about angry customers who can’t access your product on the shelves. For you, fewer mistakes means more sales, and for your workers, fewer mistakes means less stressful workdays. As a bonus, filling orders and making deliveries through a virtual software system means less dreaded paperwork!

Greater Autonomy and Pride

A third benefit of a direct store delivery system is that workers get to see the action. Drivers get a chance to stock shelves in the stores where their products are actually bought. They might even get the chance to see customers putting your products in their cart. Cutting out the middleman helps employee morale simply because they can see that their efforts are feeding families and not being mishandled in a warehouse. In fact, 61 percent of shoppers want their grocery store to stock more local products. Seeing a representative from a local company (your driver) might put a smile on the customer’s face and make your worker smile as well.

Worker presence at the retailer location also gives workers greater autonomy. Rather than filling orders, drivers have the chance to recognize patterns in demand and work directly with other store representatives to brainstorm solutions. In any job, the chance to make important decisions is also a chance to take pride in a job well done.

If you would like to learn more about implementing a direct store delivery system to help increase your employee morale give Harvest Food Solutions a call today!

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