Empowering food businesses with mobility

September 7, 2022
By Harvest

Honeywell is one of Harvest’s partners at IBIE.


Food businesses face more complexity than ever, with expanding inventories, tighter margins and a wider variety of customer preferences to cater to. And greater complexity also brings greater opportunity. Technology is one of the keys to cracking the modern multi-faceted code and gaining a competitive edge.

Modern communication has shifted away from email and towards channels such as instant messaging, yet many businesses are still reliant on emails and phone calls to disperse communications between their corporate location to their in-store environment, resulting in inefficiencies due to communication problems when accomplishing critical tasks.

With a comprehensive approach that incorporates software, edge devices and lifecycle services, Honeywell and Harvest Food solutions are aligned to help food manufacturers take full advantage of the opportunity.

We understand how operations, like yours, have evolved over the years. We also know what tools companies need to stay competitive and to meet the demands of their customers. That’s why we built HarvestDSD on Honeywell’s mobility solutions. Our tool is uniquely built from the perspective of professionals that have worked for decades in the industry and actually used delivery system tools throughout the food and beverage supply chain.

After gathering feedback from professionals in the retail and operations space, and delivery model and distribution model experts, we’ve built a mobile, flexible, and scalable DSD system that you can count on to deliver results now, and into the future.


Mobility solutions to drive business forward

Mobile computers, such as the Honeywell CT40 XP on the Mobility Edge™ platform, help keep drivers on task as well as in sync with other operations. This all comes together to drive greater efficiency and productivity. Supervisors can determine clear accountability, with software tracking both the assignment of tasks and acknowledgement by employees, and take advantage of greater inventory visibility by tracking products. Operational visibility and predictability go hand in hand.

Supervisors can build an understanding of how long certain tasks take, leading to better estimates of when orders will be ready to be picked up. This data then fuels labor models to build staffing requirements, determining how much labor is necessary to fulfill orders and run normal operations.

Ultimately, this fuels data-driven decisions to avoid overstaffing while ensuring on-time, accurate order fulfillment and an optimal checkout experience.


The combined advantage of Honeywell and Harvest

With Harvest DSD, food businesses can experience the power of Mobility Edge – Honeywell’s unified mobile computing platform designed for faster deployments, optimized business performance, longer lifecycle and stronger security. It’s also the industry’s only platform built for upgrades all the way through Android 12.

HarvestDSD is available on:


  • Honeywell CT30 XP is a durable, all-purpose business tool ensuring ultra-reliable data access and communications for front-line mobile workers. The product combines the elegant design and usability of a high-end mobile phone while delivering the durability, manageability and functionality serious businesses depends on.
  • Honeywell CT60 mobile computer, a rugged versatile business tool for highly mobile frontline workers in scan-intensive workflows in pickup and delivery, DSD, and parcel post. It offers a long-lasting battery, high-performance scanning, and exceptional durability and reliability.
  • Honeywell CT40 mobile computer, a full-touch, five-inch display device designed for retail, hospitality, and light field mobility environments. It’s an intuitive, compact productivity tool optimized for hours of comfortable use.


From convenience stores to large-scale retail distribution centers, our tool is scalable to meet your needs. As competition increases, government relations change, and new products are being offered into the marketplace, you can count on Harvest and Honeywell to be there with you every step of the way. HarvestDSD offers a wide range of scalable delivery options for any route or distributor to meet all of your customer requirements. We’re your partner in maximizing the productivity of your team and delivering intelligent workflow options from the factory to the shelf.


Meet us IBIE

Honeywell and Harvest will be demonstrating the advantages of mobility solutions at IBIE at booth #957. Stop by the booth to get a hands-on demo of Honeywell’s enterprise mobility devices and the benefits they can bring to your business.

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