Why Enterprise Resource Planning Is Your Recipe for Success

May 16, 2019
By Marc Digiorgio

Are you beginning to notice inefficiencies in your perishable foods business? Or perhaps your current software is struggling to keep up with your growing business? Without a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in place, many perishable foods businesses have a hard time keeping up.

The demand for ERP systems continues to grow because of the comprehensive tools and insights it provides. What was once reserved for enterprise-sized companies with highly complex integrations, our software is easy to use and ready for use at any level. Implementation is quick, and functionality is controlled by you. The enterprise resource planning system has become an extremely important tool for error-free production, efficient tracking, and dependable shipping for businesses of all sizes.

At Harvest Food Solutions we are more than just ERP system vendors – we are experts in your industry. We built solutions for you to seamlessly manage the complex nature of your perishable foods company. Let’s share a few of the ingredients that make our ERP solution the recipe for your success.

Integrate your silo systems

An ERP solution is the integrated management of core business processes. Our product, HarvestERP, is a specialized version of the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Years in production, HarvestERP is tailored specifically for the complex and unique needs of your perishable foods company. We all know that manufacturing software built for airplane parts, doesn’t work in the perishable foods world. Our solution is food-specific business management software that enables your company to optimize, manage, and control every process and procedure associated with your operation.

Your organization cannot fully integrate its business processes without a common, integrated system in place. Without such a system, many of your business procedures and processes can easily be overlooked.

For your business to run efficiently, all of your teams should work collaboratively and within the same system. Implementing an ERP solution will promote a consistent system throughout your company. This will begin to build a robust and flexible foundation to support your business now and well into the future.

ERP system implementation will unlock new solutions for your modern business problems, such as inconsistent data resulting from having multiple systems in place. When you can integrate your systems, and automate and optimize your core processes, then you’re sure to set your company on the right path.

ERP software integration is a great way to eliminate inefficient workflows because it will centralize all of your business data. This will then free up your employees to focus on more labor-intensive projects—or other more pressing duties—instead of spending time on tasks such as data entry. Furthermore, it reduces the potential for human error.

From dysfunctional to complete functionality

We know that your perishable foods business relies heavily on high-quality manufacturing, as well as accurate and on-time delivery. But is your business running multiple systems? Running multiple systems often leads to silos of information.

Some businesses, perhaps even yours, may utilize manufacturing resource planning (MRP) or material requirements planning (MRP) to help with manufacturing activities and product planning. However, these types of systems are used as separate, independent products (silos), whereas an ERP solution is integrated throughout all business systems and modules. Moving beyond separate MRP systems to the robustness of an integrated system, like HarvestERP, will promote flexibility within your business. This flexibility then leads to better functionality and project management.

The capabilities of an ERP system are much more extensive than just manufacturing. They pull in data from your direct store delivery, business intelligence, customer relationship management, and even finance/human resources systems. It will break down dysfunctional silos by integrating your organization to better gather, store, manage, track, and interpret data for dozens of your business-related activities. Implementing an ERP solution will allow you to focus on important aspects of your business – like collecting business data to better analyze it and plan for the future.

Empower your team with easier user interfaces

Your modern perishable foods businesses requires your teams to have instant access to inventory- and supply-chain-management data. The best way to make this happen is by using a cloud-based ERP application, like HarvestERP.

Moving your data to the cloud will give you full access to all business intelligence from anywhere in the world. You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to access what you need, when you need it. This means that your teams will always have access to real-time business insights, whether physically located in the same building, or in multiple locations across the globe.

enterprise resource planningWhen teams from across your departments can better communicate, they can better collaborate. Teams that collaborate are more productive, efficient, and innovative. HarvestERP will empower your team to work better without needing to work harder — a key in building a more satisfying and productive, modern workforce.

Our ERP software is the key technological advancement you can make in your business process management. With enhanced integration, better functionality, and easier user interfaces, you can use HarvestERP to solve your modern perishable foods business problems. Give us a call today to learn more about our perishable food solutions.

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