Food Industry Modernization

March 20, 2018
By Harvest

The food industry has always been one of the most essential sectors throughout all of history, and now it’s a major part of the entire global economy. In fact, the global food and agricultural industry in 2016 alone accounted for approximately 10% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Are you ready to modernize your perishable food business?Thanks to some innovative new culinary solutions, the food industry is in the middle of a technological revolution. These innovations are changing the way perishable food products are being distributed, how foods are being stored, how inventory is stocked and tracked, and so much more.

These changes, however, have yet to infiltrate the entire food market across the United States and abroad. There are still plenty of food-related companies that are tied to more conventional ways of doing business, but they could soon be left out in the cold. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should modernize your food business, consider some of the popular advantages:

  • Better inventory accuracy

    — In the past, simply walking around a warehouse with a pen and piece of paper was the most efficient way to keeping inventory. There are still organizations that operate this way, but there is a much easier way. Thanks to food inventory management software programs, you can better track your food products inventory with ease.

  • Improved distribution efficiency

    — Similarly, these high tech food solutions are drastically changing the way perishable foods are being distributed and delivered. Innovative food distribution software has made it so companies can have a much better idea of where their products are going.

  • Enhanced traceability throughout the entire process

    — Food needs to be accounted for every step of the way until it’s being enjoyed. Food traceability software is lightyears ahead of previous paper and pen traceability strategies, and you’ll be able to track each individual food product throughout the distribution process.

If you’re ready to modernize your perishable food business and want to learn more about some innovative new food distribution software programs, contact Harvest Food Solutions right away.

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