Four Ways to Bring Data Chaos to Order with Business Intelligence

March 21, 2019
By Marc Digiorgio

Does your company struggle to understand, analyze, and visualize data trends? If so, you are not alone. In the perishable foods business, you’ve become accustomed to food safety audits and financial presentations. You understand that the information you present needs to be timely and flawless. Over time, you have noticed your files have grown increasingly complex and you are spending significantly more time searching for raw data. When data drives business decisions, you need a business intelligence tool that will produce confident, actionable data reports.

The term business intelligence is used to describe a software solution that extracts data, integrates data, stores and analyzes it, and then reports it. Tools like this are imperative when data analytics play a huge role in helping decision makers like you understand and improve their business. Fortunately, the HarvestBI business intelligence (BI) platform was designed specifically with your perishable foods business in mind.

Here we explain three ways that HarvestBI can help bring data chaos to order by helping both business and technical users through an actionable view of a business:

Move Beyond Spreadsheets

Are you finding yourself exporting operational data to Excel or to a database for manual analysis? STOP! Operational programs and spreadsheets were not designed to analyze data from multiple sources. Programs like Excel are highly manual and extremely cumbersome for big data analysis. Sure, spreadsheets may work for small data sets but they just don’t cut it when it comes to advanced analytics.

Excel has been known to struggle when running reports that contain large datasets. With HarvestBI, you can eliminate the burden of slow, difficult to manage spreadsheets that produce inconsistent data. Business intelligence software, like HarvestBI, will instantaneously produce inspiring data visuals with meaningful and actionable data.

Ditch Siloed Data Sources

It’s no secret that you have large amounts of data that live in many different places. Information can be found in every area of your company, which includes the following: sales, finance, customer service, engineering, and marketing. HarvestBI creates a connected network for all of your business users. It will enable your team to understand the interrelationship of data generated throughout the organization. Your BI users will gain an understanding of the past, the present, and predictive analytics to help you make informed business decisions for the future.

business intelligenceWe’ve helped companies transition their departments from paper files, digital spreadsheets, complex data warehouses, and cloud-based apps to HarvestBI. The transition to a single BI dashboard ensures that data marts are cohesively managed. By looking at the entirety of information available with a BI tool, your team can make smarter and more profitable decisions.

Get Metrics on the Move

When your business data drives decision making you need a BI application that will quickly produce confident, presentable data. HarvestBI interactive dashboards offer a set of high-level reports on customizable key metrics. An interactive dashboard provides you with the capability to drill down deeper and understand a detailed analysis of your important data.

HarvestBI’s customized dashboards run on phones, tablets and mobile devices. That means you can bring key data and predictive modelers to customer presentations and company meetings. Also, thanks to mobile and cloud-based collaboration, you can get the information you want delivered anywhere. Accessibility from anywhere in the world will increase collaboration and communication amongst your departments. Business intelligence tools will undoubtedly empower your organization wherever business is being done.

Recoup Costs Faster

Using spreadsheets and outdated software comes at a price, not only from a human resources perspective, but also from a software perspective. Insufficient and outdated programs take a lot of time to maintain and troubleshoot as datasets grow and users demand more functionality. Transitioning to HarvestBI means your team will require fewer IT resources to integrate data, configure systems, and generate usable templates. This type of capability is especially important when you’re running multiples sites in different physical locations.

Running on a shared BI platform will give you increased control over ongoing costs. As a monthly subscription service, you’ll lower entry costs and realize predictable, ongoing expenses.

Additionally, with on-demand subscriptions and automatic updates, you will greatly improve your team’s efficiency and productivity. Less time is needed to maintain operations with an on-demand solution. No matter the size of your business, predictable and on-demand business insights are a winning strategy.

HarvestBI is a simple but powerful reporting tool that allows you to visualize your connected business systems. Are you ready to make strategy your focus today? Then request a HarvestBI tour today by contacting Harvest Food Solutions.

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