Helpful Guide For Succeeding as a Perishable Foods Operation

June 22, 2018
By Harvest

If you’re involved in running a perishable food business, you already know you’re in a complex business. When it comes to manufacturing, shipping, and tracking all your perishable food items, you need to ensure that everything is going according to plan.

This guide will give you 3 tips to help you understand how to maximize the success of your perishable food business:

Food Labeling

Food labels are designed to provide consumers with information to help make informed food choices. In the United States, food laws such as the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), Food Quality Protection Act, Food Allergens labeling, and Consumer Protection Act impose different labeling requirements on foods and beverages. These laws were passed to prevent consumer deception, ensure fair trade practices, ensure food safety, improve public health, inform about possible health risks (allergen labeling) etc.

  • The Principal Display Panel (PDP) is the portion of the packaging that is most likely to be seen by the consumer at the time of purchase. Place all required label statements on the PDP (see for specifics)
  • Use letters that are at least 1/16 inch in height based on the lowercase letter “o”. The letters must not be more than three times as high as they are wide.
  • Do not place information that the FDA considers intervening between the required labeling on the informational panel.

Utilize Innovative DSD Software

Direct store delivery (DSD) software is a must for any perishable foods operation. From tracking the food item from the moment it’s produced to the second it leaves the shelf at a grocery store, you’ll be able to account for each and every item that your organization is responsible for. Additionally, DSD software can come equipped with high tech food inventory management software to keep your product warehouse better organized and your business fully optimized.

Adhere to Safety Rules and Regulations

When it comes to dealing with any kind of food product, safety is a must. You need to be sure you’re fully aware of all the safety rules and regulations pertaining to the perishable food industry and that every member of your organization is adhering to these guidelines. For example, you have to be cognizant of all kinds of allergic reactions to any of your products to ensure the safety of your end customers. While more than 160 foods can cause allergic reactions in people with food allergies, federal law identities the eight most common allergic foods, which account for 90% of food allergy reactions.

If you want to learn more about shipping tips, DSD software, safety regulations, or any other aspect of operating a successful perishable food business, give Harvest Food Solutions a call today.

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