How DSD Software Can Improve Inventory, Delivery, and the Ordering Process

July 26, 2018
By Harvest

In the United States, the fresh food market reached approximately 75 million metric tons of volume in 2017. For 2018, the number is expected to reach 76 million metric tons. If your business is part of this vast number, you need to ensure that all your products and materials are properly handled, organized, manufactured, and delivered. That’s where direct store delivery software comes in. This innovative approach has revamped the entire food industry for the better.

Here is how software like mobile inventory management can assist with the organization and transport process of all kinds of food products:

Inventory Benefits

Mobile inventory management software can assist any direct store delivery (DSD) organization. This innovative approach can keep better track of inventories of all sizes across multiple locations and do so almost instantaneously. You can track damages, returns, fresh, and other types of inventory from intuitive screens and transfer and deliver your products with real-time inventory updates.

Delivery Advantages

Perhaps the greatest advantage of utilizing this DSD software is the ability to improve every aspect of the delivery itself. The food distribution software being utilized today has been specifically designed to maximize the productivity of food manufactures and can offer traditional, cross dock, dark stop delivery, and more. Additionally, the delivery process doesn’t end with the food products being successfully delivered. An enhanced customer survey will be administered following each delivery in order to identify any issues or focus on future improvements.

Ordering Assistance

With these innovative software systems, companies will be able to significantly reduce inefficiencies and mistakes when it comes to product ordering. Organizations will be able to create permanent, temporary, and suggested orders that are specific to each client and can execute all kinds of ordering and sales strategies through notifications and promotions.

If you want to learn more about mobile inventory management software, direct store delivery software, or the perishable food business as a whole (both manufacturing and delivering), give Harvest Food Solutions a call today, and good luck!

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