How Technology Is Transforming the Modern Perishable Foods Business

April 18, 2019
By Harvest

There have been more advancements in the perishable foods business over the past few years than ever before. And these advancements will continue to drastically improve the production, traceability, and delivery of perishable foods for years to come.

So many people in the United States rely on the accessibility of fresh and healthy food. It is essential that the food being produced and delivered is done so efficiently. Technology makes this a reality in the perishable foods industry thanks to advancements in delivery, tracking and organizing, and integrated business management tools.


Technological advances in the perishable foods business have allowed for more efficient delivery processes. Food is now on shelves much faster because of advances in direct store delivery (DSD) technology. HarvestDSD, our direct store delivery solution, offers a wide range of delivery options to meet all your business requirements. HarvestDSD is designed to maximize the productivity of your teams in the field by providing intelligent workflow options. The result? Our customers achieve faster delivery times and increased sales.

Tracking and Organizing and the perishable foods business

Perishable food items require special attention. Items like bakery, pet food, or frozen food require real-time management, efficient delivery methods, and accurate temperature control. Businesses in the perishable foods industry need technology to help them to track this type of inventory. Thanks to advances in technology, perishable food companies are now better equipped to efficiently track and organize products. You can now better track expiration dates and sell-by dates, and ensure efficient inventory control.

Modern technology allows a perishable foods business to track a product from ingredient to shelf. It also gives food production companies new insights to improve their operations. By linking our community of experts and users, we have built solutions and services that empower our perishable foods customers. By combining multiple data sources into a single, customized dashboard, like HarvestBI, you can visualize key performance indicators, efficiencies and inefficiencies, sales information, predictive modelers, and more.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) is the integrated management of core business processes. Years in development, HarvestERP enables your company to optimize, manage and control every aspect of your operation. ERP is an essential tool for perishable foods business owners to maximize their company and grow their market share.
Production scheduling is a critical component of an effective ERP. Having a progressive forecast tool to help manage your future production requirements helps you determine your future ingredient needs and ensures you have the right ingredients on-site when you need them.


Traceability and the perishable foods business

Food traceability software has redefined food safety. HarvestERP brings advanced traceability to your warehouse. It allows you to keep much better records of all products, at all times. When traceability technology is implemented in your perishable foods business, you can easily recall records and inventory for food safety compliance and audits. Having control over your operation can help to prevent wasteful orders, and keep up with government regulations and store policies.

Traceability also provides insight into inventory control and helps you to manage admin costs. Thanks to technology, you can access detailed documents, from the cloud, any time, and in any location. This is extremely helpful when you’re running larger operations with multi-location manufacturing. At the touch of a button, you can guarantee the correct information, based on customer requirements, or your own requirements. Efficient reporting across departments reduces admin costs and brings you more control over your perishable foods business.

At Harvest Food Solutions, perishable foods businesses are the sole focus. We’ve spent decades analyzing industry best practices in order to develop systems that work. This enables our perishable foods, customers, to reduce implementation costs and provide system and vendor stability.

Are you ready to find out more about innovative food solutions that are revolutionizing the food product delivery service? Then give Harvest Food Solutions a call today.

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