Are you letting ingredient management failures hold your company back?

June 20, 2019
By Harvest

Your recipes are key to your business. And the ingredients that you use, and how you manage those ingredients, can be extremely complex. This is especially true for those involved in the perishable foods industry where ingredients need to be fresh, adequately supplied, and carefully managed.

Ingredient management requires coordinating and controlling intricate aspects of your business. There are cutting-edge tools available, like HarvestERP, that can help you take control of your ingredient handling, inventory balance, serial and lot numbers, and product information. By knowing this information you can then transform your production strategy to be more efficient and profitable.

Ingredient management: Ingredient Handling

Batch management is important in perishable foods. With a powerful ERP tool in place, you can track ingredients and materials throughout the logistics chain. HarvestERP is designed to track and recommend purchasing strategy, manage price, ordering guidelines, delivery requirements, ingredient quality, and allergen controls – all in one convenient dashboard.

The quality of your ingredients is also imperative for the products that your company manufactures. With an ERP tool, you can plan and forecast raw material and packaging requirements – all based on consumer demand. This type of control, and active ingredient management, ensure that you can optimize your manufacturing capacity.

Inventory Balance

It should be a priority of every perishable food business to efficiently sell its products and increase profitability. To work towards these priorities, ERP is the tool you need to implement to understand gaps in your production processes and identify areas for improvement. ERP gives you the visibility you need to provide fast and accurate supply chain and inventory balances as well as goods receipts. You will ascertain better ingredient quantity when you have the tools you need to help you control your inventory balance. In addition, by automating your management product systems and consolidating data through HarvestERP, you can get cash in the door faster. That means you get the cash you need to support the expenses that you need to pay.

And, speaking of cash in the door, HarvestERP allows you to quickly and easily identify your product component costs. The purchasing component of our ERP tool is uniquely designed to track and recommend a purchasing strategy for your perishable foods business. With a strategy unique to your business you’ll easily be able to manage price, ordering guidelines, delivery requirements, and allergen controls. And the best part? All of this information and data is located in one easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, with our EDI Integration, you’ll be able to directly send and receive electronic invoices, credit memos, sales and purchase orders, shipping notifications, and more.

Ingredient management: Serial and Lot Numbers

Logistics plays a big role in getting your products to market. HarvestERP tracks and traces the key points in this complicated delivery process by knowing how, and when, your product leaves your manufacturing dock. ERP gives you the ability to drill down in your material receiving and shipping to visualize batch-specific details so you can quickly assess serial and lot numbers. You can even customize your profiles in HarvestERP so you can manage your master data.

Product Information

A shift in consumer demand for product information has spurred perishable foods companies to provide efficient and accurate product details. The information is also often required because of evolving government regulations. With HarvestERP you will be able to streamline the process of ingredient management, even across multiple production locations. Having an ERP tool in place will also give you better product traceability, a key component of your ingredient management strategy.

If you’re finding that your antiquated tools are causing ingredient management failures, and holding your business back from growing your perishable foods company, then it’s time for an upgrade. Then give us a call today to find out how we can help your business.

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