Perishable Food Businesses: Five Innovative Solutions That Can Make a Difference

December 13, 2018
By Harvest

perishable food businesses

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates approximately $417 billion worth of domestic foods and $49 billion worth of imported foods. Thanks to some revolutionary technological advancements, perishable food businesses are able to better manage their operations.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Food ERP software is a great way to manage company finances, sales, integration, manufacturing, and even shipping and warehousing. This software helps perishable food businesses optimize, manage, and control virtually every aspect of their operation.

Direct Store Delivery

Direct store delivery software improves the shipping and delivery process tremendously. In addition to delivery services, DSD software can help with the inventory, ordering, web portal for up-to-date configurations, and auditing of perishable food businesses.

Food Safety

The most important aspect of all perishable food businesses is food safety. Adhering to food-related standards and practices, implementing safety rules that comply with FDA regulations, and simply making sure each food product — down to the last ingredient — is safe for consumption are imperative. Working with the right food software team can help you comply with standards from the FDA CGMP, Food Safety Modernization Act, food defense and security plans, and BRC compliance programs. In addition to adhering to these standards, you need to know how to handle all aspects of your products. For example, if your perishable food business includes baked goods you need to be familiar with both traditional hand shop and high speed manufacturing, gluten free cooking, desserts, confectionery, and wholesale distribution.

Cloud Infrastructure

The internet cloud has helped virtually every industry handle their essential information, and perishable food businesses are no exception. With hybrid cloud infrastructure, you can achieve the highest standards for your product quality, service, and delivery. The cloud will also help you protect your data and enable you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Creative Services

When it comes to a perishable food business, although the product needs to be of the highest quality, your brand image also needs to stand out. Creative services can help improve your brand image through careful design of your website, print advertising, and product packaging.

If you want to learn more about how innovative solutions can help your perishable food business, give Harvest Food Solutions a call right away.

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