Your Perishable Goods Company: How Materials Resource Planning Can Help

October 18, 2018
By Marc Digiorgio

When it comes to overseeing a perishable goods company, there are so many important aspects that you need to be aware of. Back in the day, though it was a much simpler process, it was far more difficult to keep track of every single piece of inventory and nearly impossible to monitor your deliveries and manufacturing efficiencies.

Thanks to some innovations across the food industry, however, delivering perishable food, handling the manufacturing process, and overseeing your entire perishable food operation is much more achievable and convenient. In order for your perishable goods company to succeed in this competitive industry, as well as grow, you need to maximize your materials resource planning — technology can certainly help achieve that.

Food traceability software, for example, can help you keep track of not just every product delivery and food packaging, but every single item your business handles — down to the last ingredient.

Aside from welcoming some of these food-based innovations, here are two quick and easy tips your business can implement in order to optimize your food materials resource planning:

Focus on Data Accuracy

The main advantage of running a perishable goods company — or any business, for that matter — in 2018 is the ability to maximize data accuracy. You need to carefully pay attention to every data input pertaining to your business, down to the last penny spent and ingredient used.

Carefully Handle Raw Materials

Since perishable food products have limited shelf life, they need to be dealt with carefully throughout every step of the way. With efficient materials resource planning, you will be able to identify which raw materials are going to expire and when. You can then adjust your upcoming orders and ensure that you’re not wasting valuable materials.

Perishable Goods CompanyAnother advantage of food inventory software solutions, specifically pertaining to perishable food, is the ability to monitor temperature-controlled environments for certain food products. For example, if your perishable foods are left in areas with temperatures at or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to ensure that they’re safely packaged and stored in a cooler environment within one hour. With the ability to check in on your drivers and deliveries, you can determine whether your food products are being safely stored or need to be moved elsewhere.

It’s time to not just succeed as a perishable goods company, but to thrive. If you want to learn more about maximizing your materials resource planning through food-based software solutions, give Harvest Food Solutions a call today!

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