Prepare Your Winning Team with HeX Data Migration

March 28, 2019
By Harvest

Have you noticed that as regulations change, technologies improve, and consumer demands evolve that your legacy systems just aren’t performing at the level that you need to be competitive in the perishable foods industry. With more efficient data solutions on the market (likely being used by your competition) you cannot afford to be left behind.

Other perishable foods businesses are migrating to cloud-based applications. Why? It reduces costs, improves access to your data, and offers more opportunities for scalability. That’s why we built Harvest Exchange (HeX) because we know first-hand what it is like to move data, migrate legacy systems, and extract business intelligence information.

What is Data Migration?

Database migration is the process of moving data from one location or format to another. Data management can vastly improve when a company moves data from one system to another, especially if it provides an upgrade in data storage and data quality.

HeX plays a key role in transitioning you to HarvestDSD or HarvestERP. With HeX in place, we can easily run redundant systems (your old system plus a new Harvest solution), enabling a smooth transition to the new technology. We offer a data migration plan that will offer you a smooth transition to new technology.

data migration

How Storage Migration Works

We built HeX to help you move data, migrate legacy systems, extract BI information, and interconnect disparate systems to the Cloud. It’s a complex data migration and data integration process, but we measured twice and built once when we developed HeX. It is a solution that does the work for you. What that means for you is rapid deployments, unlocked legacy data, and lower migration costs.

Lower Your Costs With HeX

Data migration projects are known being expensive and time consuming. Why? It is time consuming to migrate the various data formats, manage disaster recovery, and integrate data into new and targeted systems. In addition, the project management and IT staffing/resources required to carry out these types of projects are significant.

HeX lowers your costs over time because we bring all of your key business data, across multiple platforms, together in one location – the Harvest Cloud. Moving to the Harvest Cloud ensures scalability, a key benefit for your perishable foods business. Moving to the Cloud requires fewer storage resources, is cost-effective, and offers more safety for your data thanks to cloud firewalls.

The Power of Extract, Transform, Load

As part of your data migration we employ an advanced ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) engine. ETL tools, like ours which is powered by Talend, can handle even the most complex requirements of your data migration process. By using ETL, HeX can connect to any type of disparate data source you might have.

The transfer of data from your business processes to the Harvest Cloud can be a complex task. That’s why we built an application migration solution to do this work for you. HeX offers rapid deployment, unlocks your legacy data, and lowers migrations costs. Give us a call today to find out how HeX can help your business.

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