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Snack Foods Industry

Optimize your operations, reduce costs, and increase profitability

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Navigate the twists and turns of your snack food business with the perfect recipe for success.

  • Realtime visibility of item costing

    Stay on top of fluctuating raw material prices and understand where you make money. Confidently project costs for new items, and know actual margins on sold items and compare supplier costs by location.

  • Reduce loss and standing inventory

    Visibility into unique customer requirements, facilitate proper inventory rotation to reduce expired items, ensure accurate sales orders and validate quality standards are met with lot traceability.

  • Forecast supply chain requirements

    Simplify operational stress and ensure cost efficient handling of demand requirements with JIT delivery, real-time visibility, future pricing visibility and scenario based forecasting.

Why choose Harvest?

We are food & bev industry experts that started a software company to fix the experiences we had with technology vendors. Harvest is built specifically for the unique challenges faced by food and beverage companies. Learn more

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$100 per user/mth
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Backed by the Best Technology

Your investment with Harvest is really an investment in industry leading companies like Microsoft and Honeywell. The software you will use only gets better, and will always be up to date.

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