Stay Connected While Working from Home with Microsoft Teams

May 6, 2020
By Harvest

One of the biggest benefits of working with HarvestDSD software solutions is seamless integrations with other applications that make your business run. One of our major platform integrations is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft’s array of applications helps keep your team connected, even while working from home.

Here are some of our favorite ways to stay connected:


Video Meetings on Microsoft Teams:

Using video to interact with your team helps keep everyone feeling more connected. We especially like using background effects to keep a clean interface. While in a call, select the ‘…’, then choose Show Background Effects or Blur My Background.*

Streamlined Conversation Threads:

While a conversation might start with a one-on-one or group chat, you can easily turn a chat into a video meeting or audio call. Just select the video call or Audio call buttons in the upper right corner of your chat screen.
Pinned Conversations: Don’t lose an important conversation! Keep it pinned to the top of your chat feed for easy reference. Hover over the conversation in the chat feed panel, click the “…” and select Pin.

Project Planning and Tracking:

Stay organized with apps like Planner, Asana, or Trello. To find an app, go to Apps on the left of the Teams window, then search for your favorite app or browse the app categories to find new ones.

Shared Meeting Notes:

The most efficient meetings have at least one attendee taking notes for actionable items. Take shared meeting notes in OneNote that anyone on the call can access. During the meeting, click the “…” and select Show meeting notes.

Ongoing Conversations:

Find yourself regularly checking in with the same group of people? Keep the conversation organized by naming your group chat. Click on the Pencil/compose icon to start a new chat. Then give it a name and add team members. Enter the name into the search bar to find the conversation at any time.

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